Function/Fiction: Utilitarian Images Reconfigured

Les essais

Authors : Clint Burnham, Thomas Levin, Viva Paci, Charles Stankievech, Blake Stimson

Artists : Sylvia Grace Borda, Tacita Dean, Rod Dickinson, Michael Klier, Manu Luksch, Chris Marker, Pavel Pavlov, Walid Raad et Akram Zaatari, Ed Ruscha, Kevin Schmidt, David Tomas, Jeff Wall

Edited by Vincent Bonin and France Choinière
Texts in English
108 pages, 2008
ISBN: 978-2-922135-32-9

Function/Fiction explores unsettling approaches to reality in which everything on view is first treated by a data recording system. Function/Fiction probes artistic practices that draw literally on the utilitarian images saturating our environment (images stemming from statistical systems, surveillance images, and ID and documentation images) to create fictional works. Whether it is a question of photography or of its various technological extensions, this publication proposes a re-evaluation of the history of the gaze by suggesting other precepts than those of optics or the mechanics of photography to think about our relationship to reality, to a world where almost everything is subject to a pre-mediatisation.